Progress made on the running…

C25K Week 2 completed last night.

C25K FTW!  I have a hard time believing how much I am enjoying running.  Truly, it’ s liberating.  Clearly, I’m just on an endorphin rush or something, but I find it so relaxing, so rewarding, and so stress relieving.

The other thing I love about it is that I’m not supporting the multi-billion dollar fitness industry because I’m running outside.  Radical concept, I know.  No gym.  No pressure to buy personal training, although the right trainer is awesome.  Many of my female friends have told me about the pressure to “dress for the gym” (seriously, who cares about this stuff?).  There isn’t anyone but me, my dog, and my music.  It rocks.  I have to be careful not to slip on ice, but hey, the great thing is that I’m not a zombie watching TV.  Fresh air instead of the smell of institutional stale sweat has the whole gym thing beat.

Oh, and I’m down 2.5%!


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