Ladder night results

A photo of the school where I play, from my kitchen window. Insanely close.

So last night was my first ladder night challenge at the badminton club. It was fabulous. Competitive fires stoked, shots coming back, and starting to slowly get my legs. It will take a whole bunch of time, but that is encouraging. I’m seeing improvement and skill recovery, so it will keep me going back.

Part of the excitement is that it is so insanely close to my house, as evidenced by the photo. I can walk, and I can dress in what I will wear on the court, save for the shoes. It is less of a production. It is a real stroke of luck that it is so close.

Interestingly, one of the executive is a former junior player, about my age, and we probably played against each other. He knows many of the guys that I grew up playing with, but we don’t remember each other. Its fun though, and he confirms that things will come back – which I already know.


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