Diet vs. lifestyle.

So I’ve been getting a lot of encouragement from the folks I work with lately.  They meet me in the coffee room, and say things like “Hey!  How’s the diet going?” or “Hey, you’re looking good – must be all the lettuce!”.  This competition got publicized not only within our company, but throughout our industry.  I’m quite proud of what the 6 of us are trying to do, and am pleasantly surprised at how seriously each of the competitors are taking it.  Of course, I want to win, but more important is what this competition can do for all six of us – and I think it’s something that most of our co-workers and supporters (I said most) don’t really understand.

Sure, I respond with a joke, usually that this is the result of my “swiss chard and grapefruit” diet – but this isn’t a diet.  This isn’t an exercise regime that will go for 6 months.  This is a total lifestyle change.  It is a complete decision to change everything about my diet and my fitness.  It was about my third run when I thought to myself: “I will be doing this for the rest of my life”.  And it wasn’t just running.  It was how and what I eat.  It was how much I slept.  It was thinking more about what I ate.  And it was about finding a way to enjoy doing it.

Getting badminton back into my life has been a blessing.  I feel like I run in order to “allow” myself to play badminton.  The running is helping my speed, endurance and stability, and the badminton is helping my overall fitness.  I missed it so much, but given how fantastic a workout it can be, I’m glad I have started playing again.  And the running to my mp3 player (yes, I am not an iSlave) has also been a surprising delight.  I’m now running about 4 km, or 2.5 miles, and in another 2.5 weeks or so will be running a full 5k.  That’s been a pretty cool experience, frankly.

I’ve also started something called the One Hundred Push-ups Challenge, which will push updates through Twitter.  I have to admit, I had thought I could do more push-ups than I really could.  It was more humbling than how hard I was puffing after my first run.  Oh well, it’s one more thing to get me fit.  After that is done, I’m going to start the Two Hundred Sit-ups Challenge.

The most inspiring thing is the weight loss.  Yesterday marked 6 weeks since the day I started, January 1.  I’m somewhat stunned that I’ve averaged weight loss of 4 lbs. per week over that time, and watching myself shed the pounds has been quite fun.  I’m a little obsessed with my scale, but it is not overly concerning.  It’s just fun to watch the weight drop – at a pace that I never thought possible.

When this challenge was first conceived, I was talking to a very good friend, and confided in him that I would be disappointed if I didn’t end up losing 30 pounds in 6 months.  6 weeks in, I’m very close to losing that amount – and hopefully will have done so by the end of February.  So I’ve decided to set a new goal – instead of a goal weight loss, I’m just heading now for a goal weight.  I don’t want to disclose that one, but now I will be disappointed if I don’t reach that goal.


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