Running free (of outerwear)

Running on the beach

No really - it's me! I swear!

I recently was on vacation in sunny florida, and we now are starting to get some warmer weather in my part of the world.  I pity Edmonton, AB, where I used to live, as they got a massive dump of snow yesterday; and last night here I was helping my brother put together a plastic shed.

That said, I ran in some poor weather this winter, dodging ice and unshovelled sidewalks, but I ran.  Tonight it’s raining hard and windy – and I’m skipping.  I’m on a lull between the regular badminton season and summer badminton, so I can fit my run in another night.  But we have had some glorious weather hear the last little while, and coupled with the very decent and warm weather we had in Florida, I got to experience something wonderful – real freedom!

No, while I was in Florida I didn’t strip down like the guy in the photo and run in the surf.  But I did get to strip down, or it at least felt like it, getting to wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  No jacket.  No sweatpants.  No nylon shell.  Hot weather making you sweat, making you think about taking water on what is only a short run, making you want to keep going, and it only amplified the feeling that I get when I am running – a feeling of total freedom.  The arms swining, the legs pumping, the joyous feeling of release and speed totally under your own control.  A wonderful stress reliever.


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