Mind over MatressOne of my favourite phrases ever is “Mind over Mattress”.  I know I stole it from Brian Tracy, the time management guru, and I’m almost certain it isn’t his.  It’s been a constant theme for me this last while, though, especially as I do most of my exercise at night – in the winter, it’s dark, it’s lazy out… seriously, now?

I was out with my family yesterday, and as dinner approached we went to a great Italian place for a wonderful meal.  Delicious, and somewhat heavy, but fantastic home-cooked food.  After quite a long drive home, it was kind of late, and everyone was making for bed – except I decided that I wanted to run.  It was pretty warm, the weather was supposed to get snowy later this week, I didn’t know if I would get another chance before next weekend – to heck with it.  It may be 9:30, but I’m going.

This is the whole key – if you are committed to doing this, to making the changes, you are committed to them.  There is nothing that should stand in your way, barring risk of injury.  Get out and get moving.  Don’t listen to the couch.  Everyone but me has a PVR, so PVR whatever it is you might miss and watch it when you stretch after your run.  Set a schedule of days you will exercise and stick to it.  Be obstinate about it.  It will pay off in the long run if it’s just a fact of life that you run on Saturday  and have to fit it in, rather than “have to think about maybe going for one ah it’s too much trouble”.

One of the other great ways to think about it: “costume”.  I get into my running/exercise gear, and I start thinking about running.  I know that’s what I’m going to do.  I get into the rhythm at that point.  It’s all about mindset from there on.  Once I’m dressed for it, I’m stretching.  Once I’ve stretched, I’m out the door.  Once I’m out the door… you get the picture.  If you are ever looking for the single best way to motivate yourself, just change into your workout gear and your resolve will take over.

These are things that worked for me, and obviously your mileage may vary.  I do find that motivating myself is more about tricks and tips than it is about “visioning” and goal setting – those things are important, but it’s the tricks that help motivate you to work towards them.  And if you aren’t working towards your goals, aren’t your goals just… wishes and dreams?

Go put concrete action to your goals.  Go get off the mattress, get changed, and get out the door.


One thought on “Motivation

  1. We can all use a bit of motivation now and again. Your weight loss story is definitely inspirational.

    I see you enjoy running, but you could also devise a strength-training regimen that can be easily done at home and would break up the monotony of running (I hate running, hated it even when I had to do it several times a week as part of sports training, so naturally I assume that everyone else feels the same way 🙂 ). Strength training will also help you burn a ton of calories. I haven’t read all your posts, so sorry if you’re already doing some form of ST.

    Great work, keep going at it and inspiring others!

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