One Inspiration Deserves Another….

It has been just over a year since I have posted.  I wanted to make all sorts of commitments to this year, and haven’t yet found time to write a single blog post – so, this will change, again.  I’m looking to pick up where I left off.

I had occasion to be introduced to a friend-of-a-friend this week, a business associate who is also a personal trainer.  We went in, joked for half an hour, and because my friend had sent him a before-and-after shot of me, we talked about my lifestyle change a bit.  (Hmmm… a friend sending that photo… I will have to dwell on that friendship a while.  🙂  )

In any event, the friend-of-a-friend’s name is Vince Howie.  Vince blogs at, is on twitter at @Beactivefitness, and is a generally nice guy.  Vince actually took the time to blog about our meeting, and the least I could do was dust off my keyboard and say thanks.  So thanks.

He’s right – I’ve recently made a goal to go and improve my Italian accent, by going to Turin to play in the World Masters Games.  He’s one of a handful of people I’ve actually told about it, but now that it’s all out there on the interwebs, I may as well say the same.  I can turn this page into a bit of a “road to Turin” (although the CBC probably still has the rights to that from the Olympics in ’06) rather than my uneducated tips on running, fitness and health.

Thanks Vince.  You got me off my butt – just in a different way then you inspire most people to.  🙂


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