Reuniting with my trainer

I’ve been having a bit of fun this week seeing old friends who don’t recognize me.  I admit that this has gone on for a couple of years now, and I’ve gotten somewhat used to it – but it is still often a great feeling to watch people’s faces as they are shocked into recognition.  I’m often told that it’s my voice that people recognize first, then they put everything else together.

Today was a little different, as it was quite possibly the most satisfying time I’ve had it occur.  I happen to be in Edmonton, AB for work and had 10 minutes between appointments, so I went to my old gym at World Health Club and met my old trainer (I recommend both of them quite highly).  I previously sent him an e-mail with some photos and my story in late 2010, when I had hit my goal, but had not yet been able to meet him in person despite a few attempts to do so.  The shock and pleasure on his face was a huge reward – even though I had sent him some photos, he said it was still hard to recognize me, and he was really quite proud of my accomplishment.

He used to work me quite hard, and he remembered that I had been nursing an old ankle injury and asked  about it right away.  I got to tell him my plan to go compete in the badminton in the  next year – and that in itself felt really good (although it seems I might get a slight reprieve from playing).  It’s like I got a gold star today, from a really hard grader.  That short 5 minute visit, out of the blue for my trainer, was worth everything that I’ve put in to my fitness so far.  Thanks, BR, I appreciate your inspiration!


One thought on “Reuniting with my trainer

  1. It’s always nice to hear that you’ve blown away the people that helped start you down your path. Glad to hear things continue to progress for you! Hope the rest of life continues to fall into place–perhaps we’ll see you sometime soon.

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