Farthest. Run. Ever.

There were a couple of fantastic things about the time I spent in Edmonton recently.  The first were the stairs leading up McDougall Hill that were gruelling and punishing – and which I finally made it up at a run without stopping, towards the end of my trip.  The photo doesn’t do this stairway justice, it’s punishing.

The other was that I ran my longest run ever.  Check out the track here – nearly 12k, which is 50% longer than I normally go.



5 thoughts on “Farthest. Run. Ever.

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    • It does. Those stairs are a beast indeed. But it was a fantastic feeling to finish them. My legs were like Jell-O at the top though!

      • I love that jell-o feeling. Like you can barely walk and need to will yourself to stay upright (and hope no one’s watching). We often run hills backwards and then head back down (face first of course) and that’s a jell-o feeling!

      • Oh Tania, you’ve just made me feel like a complete slug :-). And to boot, I’m battling a bit of heel pain right now and am on a resting week, and it’s driving me crazy. Totally nutty. But thanks for the butt-kicking. It’s coming at a time when I need one!

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