Olympic Badminton

I started this post so excited about having some holidays, and being able to watch some of the Olympics, especially Olympic Badminton. I’ve heard a lot about it the media recently – including that Formula One drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel play against each other (thanks to BBC’s Top Gear).

Unfortunately, the badminton competition has been plagued with controversy in the women’s doubles, controversy that I frankly find distasteful.

However, it has lead to perhaps two silver linings. One, it has brought to North America a better understanding of badminton. I remember reading an article on-line at that time, written by an American journalist, pointing out the surprising turnout and excitement of watching the sport. (I wish I could link to it, but can no longer find it.) There is a general concensus that the Atlanta games may have increased badminton’s profile in the U.S.

The second has been a silver lining for specifically for Canada – at 3:30pm or so on August 1, when the disqualifications were announced, Michelle Li and Alex Bruce of canada were told to be ready to play in 90 minutes, as they were back in competition. They won in the quarterfinals against Australia in three games on August 1, and then lost in the semi-finals on August 2, again in a hard-fought 3 game match that showed their power, speed and endurance. These two ladies have class, poise, power and such incredible technique.

They face a tough match for the bronze medal at 5:30 eastern on Saturday, August 4. All I can think is what a fantastic few days it has been for these two ladies. Very well done, you’ve done Canada proud!

Alex Bruce (L) returning a shot at the net, with her partner Michelle Li (R) watching the play.

Alex Bruce (L) returning a shot at the net, with her partner Michelle Li (R) watching the play.


2 thoughts on “Olympic Badminton

  1. Just as an update, these fantastic ladies lost to a strong Russian pair in the bronze medal match. Thanks, Alex and Michelle, for making my Olympic games much more memorable!

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