I ran it again… ’cause I was inspired.

I have recently begun following the Fit for a Year blog, and came across their post from last week about running into double digits.  “I’ve recently done that!” I thought to myself.  Lo!  And behold!  He’s talking imperial, not the namby-pamby metric stuff that I am running in.  He’s run 10 miles – “real money”, as my father would say – and I’ve just cracked into 10 kilometers.  I would need to run another 33% further, as I’ve just run 12km and would need to get up around 16 to hit the 10 mile mark.

That being said, I was inspired to repeat my recent Farthest.  Run.  Ever.  You can take a look at the track, I actually believe it’s a little bit longer than the last time, but it is on the exact same route.  A glorious day for a great run.


2 thoughts on “I ran it again… ’cause I was inspired.

  1. Thanks for the mention! Congratulations on running 10k, that is an achievement in itself. I started running in January this year with 15 second running intervals and 2 mins walking. It took me a long time to complete the C25Km its just a case of putting the runs in week after week, month after month. And enjoying it! Good luck with your fitness, you’ll be able to run 10 miles too! 🙂

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment, and the further push. I started my fitness journey back on January 1, 2010, also running the C25K, but not really intent on pushing much further in my running. In the past 2 years I’ve progressed to the point where I run 8k a few times a week, and longer runs when so inclined or inspired.

      I do love running, but I’m not sure I want to run that long or that far – we will see in time I suppose. I do love to run, it does keep me fit and healthy, and when I’m run down nothing picks me up quite so much as a good run.

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