Talk about inspiring! More determination, and from a fantastic source.

I wrote previously about the inspiration you sometimes get from completely unexpected sources – like the older couple that ran into me on a hotel elevator.  I’ve now got one that is so much better than that.

I have a really good friend who, about three months ago, had some personal reasons to want to make some changes.  She started running, started yoga, and started Zumba.  She didn’t tell me initially – it wasn’t until she was about 5 weeks into the Couch to 5k (C25K – see my links section) program that I found out. She was already at the point where she understood, she got it – where she knew the feeling of not moving and how it can be crushing. She had also changed her eating habits and learned how quickly your body adapts to a better diet, and how you start to crave foods that you used to shun.

Then, just as she was about to finish the C25K program, she injured her hand – badly, requiring surgery. She had to spend weeks casted, had to use her non-dominant hand for everything, and couldn’t exercise. She couldn’t run, certainly couldn’t yoga, and for a time had to keep her hand above her heart just to manage the pain.

And she didn’t stop. Sure, she slowed down, but she ran as soon as she could. She had started running only indoors on a treadmill, and soon after she healed, she decided to try running outside. She says she’s even started to enjoy that, although I think some new (hot pink!) shoes have helped.

She just never stopped. She is made of awesome, and has re-inspired me.  Thanks, dear friend!


One thought on “Talk about inspiring! More determination, and from a fantastic source.

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