Here are my goals for 2013

I’ve been talking a lot the past couple of posts about goals versus resolutions, etc., but I still take this time every year to evaluate three things.  I do a year in review, where I look at what I set out for 2012 and how close I came to accomplishing them, I look at where I am at right now, and I look at what I want to accomplish for next year.  Mine are somewhat simple now in comparison to the targeted weight loss goals I had before, but I set them every single year none-the-less.  I missed a big one this year – I didn’t make it to 1000km out on the road and treadmill, but that just means I try harder next year.

These goals are all S.M.A.R.T. goals, and I’ve gone through a full evaluation on each of them.  When I started in 2010 I had a simple goal of losing weight and  a plan to do it; now my plans seem to be more focused on the goals and the delivery, which is getting even more into the “S” part of the goal setting than I usually do.

In any event, my goals , but here they are in no particular order, with the times I’ve given myself.

Goal Timeline Notes
Complete the 200 situps challenge (already in progress) Complete by January 31, 2013 The result is to continue with situps on an ongoing basis
Weight training 3 times per week – hand weights In progress and ongoing The result will be more toning and definition – not bulk
Complete the 100 pushups challenge Completed by April 30, 2013 The result is to complete the !@#$! forsaken thing – I hate pushups
Swim 20 lengths twice per month Starting January 1, 2013 and ongoing The result will be increased cardio from a different muscle group than running gives
Bike 50km per week in good weather Starting April – May, 2013, and ongoing The result will be a more active lifestyle with less dependence on my car for errands, etc.
Badminton coaching – twice per month Starting January 15, 2013, through July 31, 2013 This is solely to prepare for playing in the World Masters’ Games
Play in 3 badminton tournaments in the next 6 months Starting January, 2013 To be settled in competition, for the World Masters’ Games
Play in the World Masters Games August, 2013 This has been a quiet goal for 2 years
Take a yoga class (for runners) January 7 – April 30, 2013 Yoga for runners – to take better care of my legs and feet, and stay injury free
Health and diet maintenance Listen to what my body is saying, and seek help when I need it I won’t be reluctant to seek massage or physio, if I need to, as I have been in the past

That’s it – short(ish) and sweet.  Clearly my big goal is the World Masters Games coming up in Turin, Italy this summer.  I can’t wait to play in those, but the idea makes me nervous as anything, and I have a lot of work to do to get ready for them – including find a mens doubles partner (hint, if you know anyone in the 40-45 age bracket…).

Those are mine, posted in this tiny corner of the interwebs for anyone to find.  I’ll be checking back regularly on my progress.  Make sure you have your goals written down, and are ready to check in on them every week or two!  Good luck on your personal health and fitness journey this year!


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