United Nations names 2013 “International Year of Quinoa”. I’m not kidding.

Who remembers these fad foods?

The latest is quinoa, an “ancient grain” from Bolivia.  I’ve been eating quinoa for about 3 years, not as a staple, but as part of my diet and often when I’m out at restaurants.  I do have a big store of it that I make at home as well, as does a (gluten-free) friend who is kind enough to feed me occasionally.  I heard this today on CBC Radio 1, thanks to an interview with one of the folks over at vancouvreslop who had professed her dislike for the grain.  I have to tell you, I like it, for a number of reasons.

  1. It is easy to cook, like rice.
  2. It cooks well – try it with raisins, or coking it in stock, or using spices like cinnamon.
  3. I has a nutty flavour.
  4. It isn’t brown rice.  I admit, sometimes that’s a wonderful thing.
  5. It is odd that, for a grain, it is in face a complete protein.

The blogger felt it was making its way here because, well, we get bored.  I disagree, I think it’s making its way here because it is actually a nutritious side that isn’t prepared by deep-frying, and isn’t just a plain high-sugar starch.  If you haven’t tried Quinoa, go to a bulk food store, especially one that specializes in ethnic foods – the big supermarkets are killing the price on it right now.  Pick some up, and replace your starch with some of this stuff.  It really is wonderful, and by next year you will probably be swimming in it, and hoping it goes away like oat bran does.


4 thoughts on “United Nations names 2013 “International Year of Quinoa”. I’m not kidding.

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