Thank you for reading! 3000 page views!


I just wanted to say a really big THANK YOU to all of you who have ready and followed my little corner of the interwebs over the last 3 years.  I never really expected to be read all that much by all that many people, and yet sometime within the past hour or so, the Big Man Big Loser blog crested over the 3000 page view mark.  I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that people are reading and following along, and that people are inspired by what I’ve done, or what I’ve written, or just come here and get a laugh, a smile, and a (very small) bit of knowledge.

It’s only been four months since this blog reached the 2000 page view milestone, and I know many of the somewhat popular blogs out there get that in a day.  I’m happy to have ever reached it at all, so please keep it up, tell your friends, spread the word.  I’d like to reach 5,000 views in much less than 4 months, which itself is a lofty goal.

Thanks again, and I’ll keep writing if you keep checking!


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