Keeping Motivated in the Short Term

why you startedThere is always the problem of keeping motivated in the short term.  Keeping going when it is easiest to stop.  I love this poster from (which is one of my new favourite websites, by the way – be sure to check out both the health and the fitness sections).  In fact, I love all of their motivational posters.  They gave us this, but they also gave us the link to the video at the end of this post, which I love.

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The Training Montage to end all Training Montages

How many video montages of someone training have you been through?  Dozens.  How many montages include Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, John Candy, Kevin Bacon, Jet Li, and Mr. Incredible?  Just this one.  See how many of these movies you recognize.  And I love how there is a focus on running part way through, including clips from Chariots of Fire and, of course, several of the Rocky Balboa movies.


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