Running with the gods

And for a brief moment tonight, at the apex, the pinnacle, the zenith of my run, and only for perhaps for 200 meters, I was running above the inversion-induced fog that has plagued the jewel of Canada’s West Coast for the past few days.  I felt as though I were a god, rising up Mount Olympus to claim my right.  And then I ran downhill, back into the thick mists of a temperate rain forest, back down to being a mere man, a runner..

For 200 meters, I was immortal.  And I was fast.  Then it all returned to me, the route, and the pace.

Of course, maybe I wasn’t a god.  Maybe I was smelling the blood of an Englishman, fo fum.  Either way, it was exhilarating being just above that thick cloud that has blanketed us recently.


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