Reuniting of a different sort…

Last night, I reunited with a machine – the first treadmill I ever really used to run on.  Not just do a cardio warm up at a brisk pace – run.  It was weird that first time, after having run for over a year and a half solely on pavement.  That was the first time I thought of them as a “gerbil wheel” – hence a “gerbil run”.

It was actually kind of nice.  This one is old tech – it changes the elevation on the :00 of every minute, so it’s predictable, and it’s not overly complicated with only 3 set programs.  It’s solid, it doesn’t shake when I run on it like many household ones do – and I’m pretty lean!

It was quite a sentimental half hour – and as such , a couple of photos:


And my actual workout:


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