An incredible new world record!

I was away recently, and had the opportunity to tune in to one of the brand new podcasts that I’ve started listening to, The Runner Academy (I plan  on doing a round-up of resources in a future post).  In doing so, I found an inspiring story about a woman who has set an incredible new world record.

Annette Fredskov, a 41 year old Danish woman, started running about 5 years ago.  She was fairly typical in that she was worried that running was in fact detrimental in the long run, and was going to end up hurting her.  She caught the bug, and started to train for and run marathons.  She completed an incredible number – 41 from the start of 2012 – and then decided to embark on a life changing project: she intended to, and successfully did, run a marathon per day.

Annette was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis three years ago, and took up running after that.  Interestingly, she credits running with a complete reduction in her symptoms to the point where today she is asymptomatic.  Along the way, she crushed the old record for consecutive marathons by a female, which stood at 13, and also crushed the most marathons run in a year, which stood at 120.

Hers is a truly inspiring story.  I listened to the podcast about her at The Runner Academy, and also read two fantastic interviews with her on the Endomondo site – one partway through her runs, and one at the end.  She is without a doubt truly inspiring!


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