Last night’s run

Last night was one of those runs that I will cherish.   It was a run that lifted me up, even though it was a bit of effort to get out the door.  I had issues with getting off my duff, mostly because what had been predicted to be a sunny weekend had turned into something cloudy and misty here in my patch of the temperate rainforest, and by the time I was done what I needed to do, the rain had socked in – and socked in pretty heavy.  I tried to wait it out for about two hours, and then said “eff it” and got into my gear.  I did some warm up, then put on my rain jacket, my rain gloves (my hands often get really chilled mid-run in the rain,) and headed out into the 16ºC rain-drenched air. 


I don’t mean it felt good. It felt superb.  I ran my normal route, I ran it at a good pace, and ran happier than I have in a long time.  It reminded me of an image I saw that sums it up best:

I live in this temperate rainforest and will soon enough face the fact that for the next few months, my runs will be wet.  I know that I was hoping to squeeze just a few more dry ones out, and I know I will, I know that will come.  This is the penance for not running in snow and ice, I understand that.  I was wistful for the fact that my previous run had been in 32ºC and sunshine, and I had run 10k on my first ever long-distance running route.  I was wanting my run to taste as sweet as that last one.

But you know what?  This tasted better, because I did suck it up, I did put my shoes on, and I did go out for that run.  And the run was amazing.  May all of you have one of those runs this week.


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