The final lead up for the Run for the Cure

I have one week left in my efforts to raise money for the CIBC Run for the Cure, which occurs on October 6, 2013. One week and one day. So today, I’m issuing a challenge to everyone reading this – I need 40 people to donate $22.00 to help me reach my goal of $1500. 40 people to reach into their pockets for 22 bucks. Here are some things that you have to sacrifice for that $22:

  • A week of lattes every day at Starbucks, which I know many of you do.
  • Two weeks of regular coffee at Tim Horton’s, which I know many of you do.
  • Three good glasses of draught beer (good draught beer, craft beer, beer made with care not in a factory) in a week. Or an evening, you dog you.
  • Two glasses of good wine at a restaurant.
  • One bottle of wine for Saturday’s dinner.
  • Half of the pizza dinner you ordered in on Friday night.

I understand that this may not be the charity of your choice. It’s the charity of my choice, the one I do something other than donate money to. I donate my time. I’ve also donated to charities that aren’t my choice in the last year – the MS Society and the Cerebral Palsy Society come to mind – and feel the good karma when I click the donate button for my friends that are doing something for their charities.

We all have reasons. Mine are extremely personal ones, putting aside the fun that I have with the cause. I’ve walked across the finish line with someone wearing a pink survivors’ t-shirt on run day. I’ve been passed by women wearing the pink survivor t-shirt on run day. These are remarkable women, strong women, women who fought and won, even if temporarily. I want to make it less temporary. I’m not a scientist, so this is one of the ways that I get into it. The cause itself is good, and the efforts to find a cure, are good.

So, I’m only asking for $22. One Lizzy and a toonie. Two Johnnies and two loonies. Four Lauriers and eight Caribou. And that will still get you a tax receipt. Help me reach my goal, please. I’ve already raised over $600, but now it’s crunch time. There’s no honour on the line except my own pride, and I’m proud of what I’ve raised and so very thankful to the donors that have got me this far. Now I just need that final push to get me to the goal I’ve set. If you can, please donate to help me out. You know that I’ll buy you one of those missing coffees or beers….

Donate at


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