Three weeks left in 2013…

Three weeks from today is December 31, 2013, and while most of us are busy at this time of year thinking of what to get people for Christmas, or trying to find parking at the mall, it’s high time to start looking at your goals.  Three weeks away from the start of the year, the time when many people make resolutions, but I encourage you to make goals. If you need some help, I’ve posted a quick link to picking SMART goals on the home page of the blog.  So, how do you start?  How do you set your fitness goals?  On top of reading this post about the difference between resolutions and goals, here’s what I would suggest.

  1. Begin by reviewing what your goals for last year were, and honestly how you stacked up to achieving them.

  2. Take a good look at what you accomplished this year. What are you most proud of?  Be sure to take some time and consider it, revel in it, be proud of that.  What are you least proud of?  Be aware of it and learn from it.  Find a way to change it so that it doesn’t happen again next year.  Get in your own kitchen and break your own dishes about it if you need to, but make sure it doesn’t happen again, or that you recognize it when it starts.
  3. Take the next three weeks to research what it is you want to try, what you want to participate in, and what you want to achieve.  Now is the best time to do your research, not January 1.
  4. Set your goals.  Write them down, and review them several times to confirm that they are the ones you want to set for the year.  Think it over.  Chew on it.  If the goal feels like it fits, than accept it.  Make sure they are a challenge for you, a stretch, something that will toughen you and make you proud if you make it.
  5. Be realistic.  Set only as many goals as you think you can achieve.  If you do them all in 4 or 6 months, you can always set more!

  6. Promise to review them often.  Review them before every workout, or at least once a week.  Just make sure that they are somewhere that you can refer to them to ensure you make them.
  7. Start working on them when you say you will.  If you say that it’s going to be a new leaf at the stroke of midnight on January 1, no problem – but be sure you have your plan ready, including any research you need to have done (see number 3).

I’m really excited about the coming year, and will be spending the next three weeks reviewing last years’ goals (much like I did earlier this year), and setting the goals for next year.  21 days to prepare for the next 365.  365 whole new days to explore and experience!  Yeah, this year’s going to be made of awesome, that’s for sure.


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