My stats for 2013

You may have read my goals for 2014.  You may even have read my goals for 2013, and my honest post about my difficulty completing them.  To  compound the self-flagellation, I’ve become a data junkie over the past year, thanks to Endomondo, and most recently to both my Fitbit One and Fitbit Aria (and their related site and my Suunto Ambit 2S (and their related site,  However, these newest additions were only put in over the last month, and with Endomondo this was the first year where I have what I feel is really accurate data on what I ran, skied, bicycled, etc.  So, for the record, here are my stats with my own comments – remembering that no one can get in my own kitchen and break my own dishes quite like I can.

Sport Time (hh:mm:ss) Distance (km) Comments
Running 64:40:47 640 I’m not happy with this.  I wanted to get to 1000, and lost sight of that goal.  This shows you should review your goals often!
Badminton 125:31:06 N/A Pleased, although my travel limited a lot of my play and I didn’t get to go to a big tourney this year.  Still, I played in two others and have some sights set for this year.
Yoga 30:45:00 N/A Again, travel interrupted my attendance at Runner’s Yoga.
Cycling 48:53:35 829 This achievement I’m quite pleased with.
Skiing 48:07:35 640 I loved how much I skied last year, but I left some unused days on the hill with my Whistler Edge card.
Swimming 1:26:29 3 I’ve just started this – but am really enjoying the pool.
Totals 325:14:32 2112 Just shy of two full weeks…

If you allow for another bit of time (12 hours or so) for the stuff that I didn’t log (which I know any of my Facebook friends probably find hard to believe, but it’s there), that’s two solid weeks of activity over the course of the year.  Not bad, but the comments say it all in my opinion.  I fell well short of my running goal, although I’m pleased with both my cycling, skiing and badminton.  I wish I was around to attend more of my yoga classes and to play more regularly at badminton, but I did travel quite a bit this year, especially this summer, and I did have a nagging little ankle injury for a couple of months.

My big number will always be the kilometers I’ve run.  This year I wish to hit 1000, which equates to 19.2 per week, or 6.4 per run if I run three times a week.  I would also like to get  156 runs in this year.  I really let myself down last year, although 640 km is still pretty decent.  I’m holding my own feet to the fire about my new goal, though. Wish me luck, as it seems I will need it if last year is any indication – because I didn’t hit all of the goals I set!

Goal Timeline Notes
Complete the 200 situps challenge Complete by January 31, 2013 Nope, and I have the (lack of) abs to prove it.  Recycled to 2014.
Weight training 3 times per week – hand weights In progress and ongoing Nope.  The ongoing stopped.  Sporadic through the year.  Recycled to 2014.
Complete the 100 pushups challenge Complete by April 30, 2013 Nope, and I still hate pushups.  Recycled to 2014.
Swim 20 lengths twice per month Beginning January 1 I finally started this in December, but am swimming 20 lengths twice per month (usually once per week)
Bike 50km per week in good weather Starting April-May, 2013 This I actually did accomplish, and I’m quite proud of that.  A lot of biking through July.
Badminton coaching – twice per month Starting January 15, 2013 Not.  Even.  One.  Nope.
Play in 3 badminton tournaments in the next 6 months Starting January 1, 2013 I played in one – the Canadian Masters Championships.  So partial victory (on the goal, not the court – no victory on the court!)
Play in the World Masters Games August 2013 I was unable to complete this one for work and personal reasons.
Take a yoga class (for runners) January 7 – April 30, 2013 I completed this, and actually signed up for the next two sessions – summer and fall.
Health and diet maintenance Ongoing I mostly did this, although I have to really re-frame this goal for this year.

Overall, a pretty shitty result if I say so myself.  I’m generally not pleased with how I did, but I do understand I had many different circumstances pull me around.  This year it’s time to reframe and settle into a groove on hitting some of the numbers I want to hit – and starting right at the beginning of the year, sure, but continuing forward on the progress that I make.


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