Torrential Rain has a bright side–snow!

I reside in what is referred to, even in Canada, as the Pacific Northwest(Can I point out that I find it humorous that we even call it that in Canada, even though when you factor in our border, we are the Pacific Southwest of this wonderful country.)  The one thing that I can confirm is that when you live here through a winter, you quickly learn that you do in fact live in the world’s largest temperate rainforest.  I’ll often joke around when I write about the region, referring to it as the Pacific Northwe(s)t.  Winters here are mild, but wet and rainy and can chill you down to your bones as easily as a sharp wind off the Great Lakes.

Except this year.  This winter has been exceptionally dry.  After 2012/2013 where the rain was steady but not intrusive, the absence of the rain in the air has been noticeable, and nowhere more so than on the ski hills where at elevation it turns into blessed snow.  The local mountain I ski at, Cypress Mountain, had only opened one of their two major lifts, and even then only half the runs that lift services.  Whistler Blackcomb has had poor conditions on the lower half of the mountain all season.  As far as expected rain and snowfall, it’s been a long time coming in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

That all changed this week, when the heavens opened.  The rain was such that I’ve not been able too run, it’s just been too wet.  But my gaze has turned upwards, and I’ve heard rumour of improving snow conditions.  And then, last night, someone in the sky allowed the tub to overflow.  Asgard drained the swimming pool.  An unbelievable rain has settled in, and through the miracle of elevation, this has changed to snow on the mountains.  Cypress Mountain has opened their other major lift.  Whistler Blackcomb is operational on all runs.  And when you go to their site, you see these magical numbers:

Cypress Mountain is also reporting new snow, but I think their numbers must be off.  There’s no way this amount of rain only meant 16cm.  I bet that number gets boosted dramatically overnight.

Like so many others… I’m planning a trip to ski somewhere tomorrow.  Hot on the heels of that, I’m going to be skiing at Marmot Basin in Jasper next week, so I’m looking for some outstanding conditions over the next few weeks!Happy days!

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