Detox–Day 1

Now it comes down to it.  Now the rubber meets the road.  Now I take all the “sealed for your safety” plastic off the caps of the bottles, and start to really wonder about what everything will do, and what it will do to my body.  I’ve actively tried to avoid reading about the program online, and have no pre-conceived notions about it – except of course for the aforementioned hippie-dippie nature of the whole thing.  It is, after all, and herbal detox, and I’ve not even come close to pulling my wallet out to buy into most of this stuff on a regular basis.

Ok.  Forty drops of the tincture. Two of each of the three different pills (see the last post), all taken after you’ve eaten a little bit of something.  So, what will that little bit of something be.

Yesterday, for the first time, I bought kale.  What the heck am I going to do with kale.  All the juicers brag about kale.  All the uber-smoothie types talk about kale.  So, I chop up a cup and throw it into the magic bullet, along with some strawberries, blueberries, an apple, and some almond milk.

Let me talk about a couple of things for a second.  I know lots of people that are organic-food by preference, and almost as an extension (is there a correlation somehow?) are either lactose intolerant or intolerant of those who ingest lactose, saying it’s for baby cows, etc.  Look, we are humans.  We have evolved.  Our brains work to much higher capacity than they did when we were in the Palaeolithic era, everyone agrees with that.  Likewise, other parts of us have evolved, like our ability as omnivores to ingest what is in our environment.  Therefore, we did evolve to be able to ingest grains, and ingest diary.  If we weren’t to drink milk because it’s meant for baby cows, we shouldn’t eat eggs, whites or yolks, because they are meant to be the nutrition of the developing embryo.  However, because of the intolerance of lactose, they choose almond milk.  How the heck do they rationalize the processing, flavouring and additives that go into almond milk?  Discuss below, your answer is worth twenty marks and may help my understanding.

So because dairy is out, I had to add almond milk to my smoothie.  Veggies, check; fruit, check; almond milk.  Into the bullet, and blitz.  I have never bought or used almond milk before (and may not again) so I didn’t know what to expect.  Here’s a tip – it doesn’t act like regular milk in a smoothie.  Either that or Kale is a real binding agent, because whooo-doggy that sucker congealed within two minutes of being out of the bullet.  However that’s not going to get the protein into me that I need, in my opinion.  So remembering that I had whipped up some quinoa and lentils last night, I sautéed some spinach, fried some eggs and tried unsuccessfully to make quinoa and lentil cakes for them to sit on.  However, they were delicious nonetheless.

Breakfast done, I had a spinach salad with berries, peppers and salmon that I grilled on Saturday.  And I finished off with dinner consisting of a steak, green beans and potatoes, along with the herbal regimen again.  Not a bad meal plan, really.

I rode my bike to my club (usually 56 minutes) that night, played for about 90 minutes, and then rode home, all in the high heat.  I started to feel tired on the way home, for sure.  I’m going to keep monitoring my energy levels.


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