The Big Man was an out-of-shape heavyset Canadian fellow. In 2010, I became bent on winning a “Biggest Loser” competition with some of my co-workers. I started writing mostly to track my own progress, but also because really, there were people putting money down that I would win the competition (and lots betting against me!), so I wanted to give them something to read while they waited!

Now having successfully become a Not-So-Big Man by losing 95 pounds in one year, I’m continuing to write to record my own thoughts and ruminations on fitness and health; along the way, I hope to help others who are battling to lose weight and want to do it on their own, rather than paying for services at a fitness-centre or gym that they will seldom use, and might just possibly stop using altogether. If even one more person gets healthy because of it, it’s a success!

I planning on posting twice a week, a mid-week inspiration graphic or video on Wednesdays, and longer posts on Saturdays. Please check back frequently, or feel free to sign up using the form on the right!  (In reality, I’m currently posting once per day, but that’s to make sure that I keep up with posting at least twice per week!)

If you want to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, feel free to do so. The easiest way to see all of those services is by going to my page on about.me. I also run a blog about my profession in the property and casualty insurance industry, which also touches on leadership, productivity and technology. You can read more at The Insuriosity Blog.

All photos on the this blog site are owned by their creators, and I’m simply linking to them – something that is free of copyright infringement, at least in Canada.

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