Get out of your own head

I admit to being the worst about beating myself up.  I often say that no one can get in my kitchen and break my dishes the way I can.  This one is something I have to keep reminding myself of, every single day.

(As an aside, Laird Hamilton is apparently a professional surfer.  I’ve no idea who the weight lifter lifting over 70kg at the London Olympic Games is.)


Weekend Warriors–how to avoid injuries

I spent the weekend at a softball tournament in Northern Alberta, and huddling in the stands in long pants and a fleece reminded me that the warm weather is just starting in much of the country.  Watching a few ankle, knee and leg injuries happen, it also reminded me that the weekend warrior injuries would be in full force come everyone’s return to work on Tuesday.  Here, then, is an infographic on preventing common injuries that plague many hard-hitting weekend athletes.  Take heed!