Weekend Warriors–how to avoid injuries

I spent the weekend at a softball tournament in Northern Alberta, and huddling in the stands in long pants and a fleece reminded me that the warm weather is just starting in much of the country.  Watching a few ankle, knee and leg injuries happen, it also reminded me that the weekend warrior injuries would be in full force come everyone’s return to work on Tuesday.  Here, then, is an infographic on preventing common injuries that plague many hard-hitting weekend athletes.  Take heed!


How the internet affects your health

A fascinating infographic from 2012 courtesy of insurance.com, which is of course more concerned with the effects on health care insurance costs in the U.S. (pre-Obama Care) than it is with the actual problems.

All of that aside, it’s something to think about.  I found this when I was searching for information on the effects that internet usage has on sleep.  They draw a weak correlation, but it’s still food for thought.

Why ski helmets are important

I have to admit that I was always sceptical about wearing a helmet while skiing, until I got one at the start of the season last year.  I was sold on several aspects, the most important two being that 1) my kids would wear them and I have to represent, and 2) I go way slower on my bike overall, and have much more control

in general on a bike than on skis (probably true), and I wear a helmet for that.  Point taken.  There are also some interesting side-notes about helmets, notably that they are incredibly warm, and mine came with an integrated audio jack that lets me listen to tunes/podcasts/whatever while I jet up the lifts and down the hill.  Just fine by me.  My noggin remains entertained, warm and protected.

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Infographic: be one of the 8%

I found some of the statistics on this particular infographic interesting – notably that only 8% of people actually reach the goals that the set.  So much for the “resolve” part of resolution.

Keep this handy if you need motivation.  (Click  the picture for the full-sized image…)

New Year’s Resolutions infographic

Ignore my advice about setting goals instead of making resolutions?  That’s ok, most people do, and the only reason I like the term goals is because they are less breakable.  Resolutions get broken, often within minutes of midnight.  So, if you’ve made it this far with yours, awesome on you.

Here’s an interesting infographic to help steel your resolve and ensure that you convert your resolutions into attainable SMART goals.  Fascinating stuff.