A New Year, a New Me

A side by side photo of the author.

My change in 9 months.

2010 was quite a transformational year for me.  I began the year off as many folks did, with New Year’s Resolutions that quite frankly I was not sure I was going to keep.  I had normally been one of those people who “resolved not to make resolutions” which was easy enough to keep through lethargy.  Last year, however, with the prospect of turning 40, I decided to get fit.  There was a “Biggest Loser Challenge”, and I was very committed to win that – but I also wanted to get healthy.

As I’ve described in various posts before, I decided to quit smoking (even though I was a “social smoker”), eat healthier and be much more careful about the type of food I permit myself to eat, and exercise a whole lot more.  I figured by doing these three things (and by extension, somehow, a fourth of drastically reducing my alcohol intake), I would get healthy and fit, and also lose weight.  I was right on all counts but I didn’t expect the consequence and the benefits that go along with it.  The consequence is that all those annoying health-nut people are right, and I’m now one of them.  The benefits are, unfortunately, what the health-nuts preach about:  better sleep, better breathing,less illness, drastically more energy, and the ability to do anything you put your mind to.  We’re annoying and correct, all at the same time!!!

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Diet vs. lifestyle.

So I’ve been getting a lot of encouragement from the folks I work with lately.  They meet me in the coffee room, and say things like “Hey!  How’s the diet going?” or “Hey, you’re looking good – must be all the lettuce!”.  This competition got publicized not only within our company, but throughout our industry.  I’m quite proud of what the 6 of us are trying to do, and am pleasantly surprised at how seriously each of the competitors are taking it.  Of course, I want to win, but more important is what this competition can do for all six of us – and I think it’s something that most of our co-workers and supporters (I said most) don’t really understand.

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Support, tips and tricks.

Shocking Lunch

Does my lunch pass, or fail? - Photo by Matt Stone

So an interesting thing has happened this week.  Since the announcement last week about our “Biggest Loser” contest, I’ve been receiving lots of support, plus a few tips an tricks.  One of the more interesting exchanges was with a wonderful woman that I work with, who gave me quite a critical eye as she decides where to place her pledge.  After a thorough inspection of my lunch she said “it’s not enough for you”.  I could have hugged her, if that wasn’t against our workplace HR policies! Continue reading

Why the biggest loser?

It’s been quite long enough that I’ve been a potato in my own domicile.  Details aside, but I have one of those odometer-shuddering birthdays coming up this year, and I want to make sure that I’m leaving this decade in better shape than I entered it.  I want to stop running out of energy and breath when playing with my kids, and want to feel that I can do anything I want without thinking about whether I’m in good enough shape to do it.  I also want the mental focus that comes with not having the mental nagging that you aren’t taking care of yourself.

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