Thank you for helping me run for the cure!

Well tomorrow is the CIBC Run for the Cure, and I’m leading a team from FirstOnSite Restoration in Vancouver in the 5K walk/run.  I’ve met my fundraising goal of $1,500, and just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to our team’s cause.  I’m very appreciative to have such a great network of friends, family and colleagues who would help raise that kind of money, especially when everyone is strapped and there are so many great causes to choose from.

I had a lot of fun doing the fundraising, doing all of it through e-mail, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (and if you haven’t connected with me on one of those services, please feel free!).

Truly, thank you.  You guys are all made of awesome.


Boobs. They’re worth running for!

Image credit: CBCF Run for the Cure

I’m going to run.  No matter what, I’m going to run.  I do it all the time (less so lately due to a really annoying injury) but I still run, frequently.  Usually it’s well more than 5k.  I post about it (well, my phone does) on Facebook and Twitter, and it is commented on regularly.  It’s probably the most common thing I do post on Facebook, so I’m not surprised.  Given that I do run, that I’m going to run, I decided that maybe I will do some good while I’m doing something I’m going to do anyway – I’m going to participate in this years’ CIBC Run for the Cure in Vancouver.  It takes place 2 weeks and 1 day from this posting.  In deciding that, I’ve gathered a few committed folks from my company, FirstOnSite Restoration, in our lower mainland offices – we have a team of 6 and are looking to raise $5,000.  I’m going to put it right out there that you should donate somehow.  Here’s my criteria:

  • If you are walking, running or volunteering, thanks.  Go and do your deed.  Raise funds.  Plant flowers.  Be karmically happy.
  • If you know someone who is walking or running, sponsor them, especially if they have boobs of their own.
  • If no one closer to you than me has asked you to donate, consider yourself formally asked.  Donate to my run. I’m raising money.   You can do so quickly and easily at my donations page.

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A New Year, a New Me

A side by side photo of the author.

My change in 9 months.

2010 was quite a transformational year for me.  I began the year off as many folks did, with New Year’s Resolutions that quite frankly I was not sure I was going to keep.  I had normally been one of those people who “resolved not to make resolutions” which was easy enough to keep through lethargy.  Last year, however, with the prospect of turning 40, I decided to get fit.  There was a “Biggest Loser Challenge”, and I was very committed to win that – but I also wanted to get healthy.

As I’ve described in various posts before, I decided to quit smoking (even though I was a “social smoker”), eat healthier and be much more careful about the type of food I permit myself to eat, and exercise a whole lot more.  I figured by doing these three things (and by extension, somehow, a fourth of drastically reducing my alcohol intake), I would get healthy and fit, and also lose weight.  I was right on all counts but I didn’t expect the consequence and the benefits that go along with it.  The consequence is that all those annoying health-nut people are right, and I’m now one of them.  The benefits are, unfortunately, what the health-nuts preach about:  better sleep, better breathing,less illness, drastically more energy, and the ability to do anything you put your mind to.  We’re annoying and correct, all at the same time!!!

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Progress Update

Just a short update – it seems that my vertigo may be gone.  I’m very hopeful, but it seems that it has gotten remarkably better over the past week.

Now if only I was losing weight as dramatically.  I’m getting into the harder stretch of weight loss, and I have been pushing myself even harder on my runs and at badminton.  But I can now run 1km in about 7 mins 25 seconds, so I’m doing pretty well.  I’ve been doing some training that includes very moderate hills and have been working on adjusting my stride to match.

If you can manage it, please consider sponsoring me in the Relay for Life where my company’s team will be working for WICC.  Thanks!

Support, tips and tricks.

Shocking Lunch

Does my lunch pass, or fail? - Photo by Matt Stone

So an interesting thing has happened this week.  Since the announcement last week about our “Biggest Loser” contest, I’ve been receiving lots of support, plus a few tips an tricks.  One of the more interesting exchanges was with a wonderful woman that I work with, who gave me quite a critical eye as she decides where to place her pledge.  After a thorough inspection of my lunch she said “it’s not enough for you”.  I could have hugged her, if that wasn’t against our workplace HR policies! Continue reading