Detox–Day 1

Now it comes down to it.  Now the rubber meets the road.  Now I take all the “sealed for your safety” plastic off the caps of the bottles, and start to really wonder about what everything will do, and what it will do to my body.  I’ve actively tried to avoid reading about the program online, and have no pre-conceived notions about it – except of course for the aforementioned hippie-dippie nature of the whole thing.  It is, after all, and herbal detox, and I’ve not even come close to pulling my wallet out to buy into most of this stuff on a regular basis.

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So for over a year, I’ve had an herbal detox kit in my liquor cupboard (where else, after all do you keep a detox kit – hmmmm…. scotch?  Rum?  Detox?).  It taunts me each time I open that cupboard, which isn’t as often as all that – those that follow me on twitter probably know that I’m a pretty committed craft beer drinker.  However, there it is, taunting me still, every time I open that cupboard above the stove.  Like with many things, for many (or most) people, there is always a reason why I should wait.  There was always some travel or some other sort of hold-out reason to not start right now.  Finally, I had decided that enough was enough – I wanted to step back on how I was eating and get back to eating much “cleaner” than I have been the last while – and I like to hold the illusion that I eat cleaner than most people normally.  I’d already read the “recommended foods” that were a part of the package, and the curiosity and the unsettled nature of my feelings towards how I was eating were getting to me.  So on Sunday I went to the grocery store, loaded up primarily in the vegetable and bulk foods aisles, and went home to have a final “last meal” – along with a final beer, of course.

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