One foot in front of the other…


A two month recap

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything new up here on the blog, since Canadian Thanksgiving in fact – and now American Thanksgiving is there in the rear-view mirror.  Going from a daily occurrence to absolutely nothing should never be allowed, but of course that’s the way of it for most of the pages in the blogosphere.  I didn’t really mean for it to happen, it just did, and it’s mostly because I was a bit busy, and needed a bit of a break.  However, I want to get right back to it, so here is a bit of an update, shamelessly about me.

There have been some interesting things that have happened over the past couple of months, some of which I’m really proud of even if the results were not what I had hoped.

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One workout away


The other day, I posted an infographic about 12 mental benefits of exercise.  But the one thing it didn’t mention is what a lift it is.  I’ve had excruciatingly bad days where, after a run or a workout on the court, I feel fantastic, lifted and rejuvenated.  My mood magically gets restored, and the negativity seems to be left out on the hardwood or on the road.  I couldn’t agree with this one more.

Confessions of a fitness blogger


Bless me, St. Sebastian, oh patron saint of runners and athletes.  Bestow upon me your wisdom and hear my confession, the confession of a sinner who skips workouts, who doesn’t review his goals often enough, and yet who tidies his corner of the blogosphere for the sake of appearance,  and tries to always be shown putting the best training shoe forward.  Forgive me for being so undifferentiated in my writing, so full of echo and reblog, and yet at times so empty and vapid and lacking of opinion and direction.  Bestow upon me your sweet, sweaty grace for writing as though from a position that it was all so effortless, for it is not; that it was easy to decide and that with some small motivation, you too will get on your training shoes and get out the door.  Hear me, and let me speak my confession and opine strongly at last on my own fitness, health, weight and blogging – and how I, as a mere mortal on this trodden earth, am a regular if not total failure at most of it.

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