A gluten-free laugh for today

This one had me laughing pretty hard, actually, as it confirmed most of my suspicions.  Like in California (at least according to Jimmy Kimmel), here in BC gluten is akin to Satanism.  This is well worth the short watch.



Thanksgiving by the numbers!

Yeah, I should have posted this on Friday, but it’s Infographic Monday here, and well how can you beat this one, given that it’s Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada!  This is a survey taken by viewpoints.com, which I got via shape.com.  I love when they equate something to the number of something else – in this case, the number of calories eaten by the average person compared to how many slices of pumpkin pie it would make. Shocking, really.

Enjoy!  And try to go easy on the turkey-a-la-king today….

Image credit: viewpoints.com via shape.com


Friday Night Dinner–Life can still be fun!

Ok, so here we are. Dinner on Friday night with my kids. Mine is:

I say – YUM! Light, low fat, and oh so delicious.

Wednesday night dinner

This is not a food or foodie blog. However I want to show that eating healthy isn’t complicated or time-consuming. Even I can do it, on my own.

Tonight, before training, I made this – sautéed peppers, onions and carrots mixed with quinoa cooked in organic vegetable stock, served with a seasoned and pan-fried pork chop as the protein source. All in,  18 minutes.

Not complicated and super tasty and good for you!