Infographic: be one of the 8%

I found some of the statistics on this particular infographic interesting – notably that only 8% of people actually reach the goals that the set.  So much for the “resolve” part of resolution.

Keep this handy if you need motivation.  (Click  the picture for the full-sized image…)


New Year’s Resolutions infographic

Ignore my advice about setting goals instead of making resolutions?  That’s ok, most people do, and the only reason I like the term goals is because they are less breakable.  Resolutions get broken, often within minutes of midnight.  So, if you’ve made it this far with yours, awesome on you.

Here’s an interesting infographic to help steel your resolve and ensure that you convert your resolutions into attainable SMART goals.  Fascinating stuff.

My stats for 2013

You may have read my goals for 2014.  You may even have read my goals for 2013, and my honest post about my difficulty completing them.  To  compound the self-flagellation, I’ve become a data junkie over the past year, thanks to Endomondo, and most recently to both my Fitbit One and Fitbit Aria (and their related site and my Suunto Ambit 2S (and their related site,  However, these newest additions were only put in over the last month, and with Endomondo this was the first year where I have what I feel is really accurate data on what I ran, skied, bicycled, etc.  So, for the record, here are my stats with my own comments – remembering that no one can get in my own kitchen and break my own dishes quite like I can.

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My goals for 2014

Much like I did for 2013, I want to post my goals for 2014.  Not surprisingly, many of them are fitness related, and these are the ones I’m going to blog about here.  Some of them are recycles from last year – it happens to everyone – but here for some kind of permanent internet record are my goals. (Note they are all SMART goals).

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