A gluten-free laugh for today

This one had me laughing pretty hard, actually, as it confirmed most of my suspicions.  Like in California (at least according to Jimmy Kimmel), here in BC gluten is akin to Satanism.  This is well worth the short watch.



Thanksgiving by the numbers!

Yeah, I should have posted this on Friday, but it’s Infographic Monday here, and well how can you beat this one, given that it’s Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada!  This is a survey taken by viewpoints.com, which I got via shape.com.  I love when they equate something to the number of something else – in this case, the number of calories eaten by the average person compared to how many slices of pumpkin pie it would make. Shocking, really.

Enjoy!  And try to go easy on the turkey-a-la-king today….

Image credit: viewpoints.com via shape.com


Dealing with hangovers

I admit that I drink a lot less than I used to, and don’t often get hangovers.  That’s my choice, and may not be yours.  Here, then, is a fantastic infographic if you are feeling that you need some help on this back-to-work Monday, and have a bit of a hangover to deal with.  Some of these tips are preventative, so perhaps I should have posted it before the weekend, rather than my somewhat racy post on Friday – but oh well!  Suffice it to say that if I’ve got your earnest attention despite a pounding in your head, I’m posting this very very quietly.

Image credit: greatist.com

The complete guide to calories

I admit, I love infographics, as they put a whole bunch of useful information into a tight, colourful, easy to read format. One of my favourite websites, greatist.com, is a fantastic source of information over three categories: health, fitness and happiness, and also have a history of putting out fantastic infographics like the one below.

If you’ve ever wondered what healthy eating and a healthy calorie intake is all about, take the time to read this.  If you’ve ever wondered how your body uses the calories you take in, see below.  I loved the calories from carbs vs. protein and fat (the fat number is crazy), which kind of proves my belief in a low fat and balanced diet, vs. “cut this” or “cut that” kind of diets.  They point out, for example, that carbs are the body’s main source of fuel – which I think we all learned in grade 9 or 10 biology class.  I know my girlfriend is going to kill me for saying it, because she’s cut her carb intake over the last bit, but I’m a big believer in balance.

It also has a great calorie calculator – what you should take in each day to maintain your body weight.  Given my activity level, I’m allowed about 4,000 calories per day, although I know I’m way under that amount.  The calorie calculation is a great way to judge not just where you are, but where you want to be.  Work with that and something like the Canada Food Guide, and you will be off on a great start to managing your own calories.

Here’s my other suggestion: all the stuff you hear and see on the radio and TV, about new studies and health and what to eat and what not to eat?  They’re all telling you the same thing – don’t eat junk.  Quick eating the junk you are eating.  Shop the outer aisles of the grocery store where the whole and unprocessed foods are.  Read labels.  Choose your food mindfully, and worry about your overall health less as a result.

Image credit: greatist.com