The health benefits of sex.

What, like I can add to this.  Aside from saying… yeah baby… and I love the “burns calories” (less than everyone says) and “improves self-esteem” (well, duh….).  Anyway, saw it, and had to blog it.

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Choosing how you get fit

challenge-and-change.jpgIf you’ve come to this blog and read anything, you have probably figured out that I got fit by doing two (I always say “do two things”), but how I chose them is a fascinating discussion.  It requires a little bit of background.

When I was young, I was lucky enough to try out many sports until I found one that I loved – I found badminton.  While not the most popular sport for your average Canadian kid, I really enjoyed it, more than football and certainly more than hockey.  It was fast, it required strength, agility and hand-eye co-ordination, and there was both individual competition and a team/squad spirit.  It really pinged a lot of bells for me.  Part of my training when I was a kid was running – badminton requires a lot of endurance and a good cardio-vascular capacity, and as running and speed were integral to the sport, we ran.  We ran quite a bit, through drills, through sprints, and through distance runs.

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When will soon be now?

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I often get asked for some advice on starting, and it occurred again recently.  I get asked about tips, I get asked for techniques, and I get asked for general “how do I get off the couch” and “how do I make time” advice.  On this most recent occasion, I made some of the usual recommendations – recommending them over to peruse my blog, recommending some resources on the Internet that are conveniently referred to on my blog, and recommending other blogs for inspiration that, serendipitously, you can get to from my blog.  Aside from all the self-promotion, I did answer the person’s question, but probably not in the fashion they were expecting. Continue reading

Recovering from minor injuries – sprains and strains.

I will start this post by clarifying that I have no medical training whatsoever.  I’ve learned anything I say here by the DIY School – I have bad ankles.  I will also tell you that if you have injured yourself, go see your doctor.  We all research everything on the Internet, sure, but it would be wise to go see someone who has actual medical training.  Which, once again, I don’t.

I was playing badminton a few months ago when I had a fairly minor collision with my doubles partner – except that he was diving, and pushed me sideways.  I normally wear a brace on my right ankle having ripped the ligaments many years ago, but the left one, my “good one” was planted, and I was forced over on the outside of it.  It was painful, it hurt to walk immediately, and it wasn’t one that I could walk off.  I was going to be out of commission for a while, for sure. Continue reading

Where to start – my S.W.A.G. guide to reaching your fitness goals.

I heard a number of people say recently that by this time, 60% of all New Year’s Resolutions are broken.  I tried searching and could only find the anecdote, and not any hard evidence, but certainly I’ve done it, and I think each of us do.  There is probably solid reasoning for it:

  • we make them quickly, often on New Year’s Eve, so there is little invested in them
  • we know that we won’t be alone if we break them
  • there is no penalty for breaking them – most people will just laugh about how quickly they were broken

I never thought of mine as resolutions, really, and I think that is the critical difference – your mindset. There are so many things about our mindset that affect how successful you will be, and I will tell you that my mindset was a huge part of why I had any success at all in achieving my lifestyle change.  It is the single biggest factor when it comes to whether you will in fact become the change you want to see (to very loosely paraphrase Ghandi).

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