Weekend Warriors–how to avoid injuries

I spent the weekend at a softball tournament in Northern Alberta, and huddling in the stands in long pants and a fleece reminded me that the warm weather is just starting in much of the country.  Watching a few ankle, knee and leg injuries happen, it also reminded me that the weekend warrior injuries would be in full force come everyone’s return to work on Tuesday.  Here, then, is an infographic on preventing common injuries that plague many hard-hitting weekend athletes.  Take heed!


Recovering from joint and tendon injury

I have wanted to write this post for a long time, ever since I suffered a common running injury last summer and into last fall. So hot on the heels of last week’s post about injury prevention, I wanted to talk more in depth about injury recovery. In a lit of ways, the recovery is more important than anything, as it makes you aware of your body’s limitations, and forces you to pay far more attention to what is going on at any given time.

A recent yoga instructor pointed out that runners, as a rule, are more hard core and less likely to practice what they preach about stretching, rehab, and taking care of themselves, and I think this is very true. We can eat what we want, as we will just run it off. We can drink what we like, a run will clear it. Got a head cold coming on? A run will scare it out of your system. Feeling pain and tightness? Run it out. You will be fine.

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Injuries and running–prevention, avoidance and rehabilitation.

Runners are fantastic people.  Just ask anyone that works with runners and they will tell you why.  They are iconoclastic, often obdurate and stubborn, and are more likely to try to deal with problems (read: injuries, major or minor) on their own.  You might remember that I’m taking a Yoga for Runners class – well, last week, our substitute was pleased to remind us that runners are some of the least flexible people he has ever worked with, and that really we should stretch more, etc.  While these statements are quite often broad, sweeping generalizations, there is one phrase that gets uttered quite often amongst runners:

I can just run through it!  I’ll just run it out.

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Upgrading my running technology – help welcome me to 2007…

I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve gone out and bought myself an iPod.  I did, I took the plunge.  And you know what?  It’s fine – it’s a music player.

The Creative Zen Micro. Photo credit: Creative Labs

I will admit to you that I’m a bit of a nerd.  I’ve owned a music player since 2004, back when iPods were in the click-wheel stage, there was no iPhone, and still some confusion on the digital music landscape.  I got my use out of that unit, and it had some great features. It was 4GB, it had superb sound quality, it had a replaceable batter (which never needed replacement, even to this day) and worked with multiple music services – not locking you into one.  I loved that little player so much that about 2 years ago, I upgraded the 4GB hard drive to 32GB of flash memory – and it ran even better than ever.  Small, compact, and nice. (Slight technology rant starts here.)

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This is a complete *pain*

Image Credit: the San Diego Running Institute

I have succumbed to what many runners have to face, injury and pain when running.  It isn’t in my knees, hips or ankles – I’ve developed plantar fasciitis, and I can tell you that it is such a constant and lingering pain that I would not wish it on anyone.  It’s really curbed my running, unfortunately, and really slowed me down quite a bit. One of the things that anyone that’s read my blog for a while might have gleaned is that I’m stubborn and obdurate.  So, when I developed a pain in my right heel at the end of July, I thought… hmmm… well, I’ll just run through it.  I run through everything else. When I feel a cold coming on, I go for a run to try to chase it away (and it works about 90% of the time).  Other stuff I’ve just run through.  Why not this? Continue reading