Total views in 2013

I have a question: what would make this blog more compelling to you?  What would make you go beyond the apathetic and lazy clicking of a “Like” button?  On New Year’s Eve, 2013, I posted the fantastic infographic thing that WordPress (a great blogging host) prepares for each blogger on their site, which broke my stats out into several different and interesting ways of looking at my blog traffic.  How many San Francisco cable cars full of readers I had, and that sort of whacky stat.  However, there’s one thing that I did want to thank the folks who read my blog for, and that’s for the ever growing (if slow) readership stats I have.

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Thank you for reading last month!

Sometime yesterday morning, on the final day of August, the counter for the month crept up over 400 views – the second best month this blog has had.  Thanks everyone, and I do hope you enjoy what you are reading.  I know at times I’m blogging a lot and then it appears I drop off a cliff, but I’m going to attempt to be much better at that.

I appreciate your views and comments.  Please feel free to re-post, re-blog, like and tweet all you want. Anything you do gets me even more views and helps me reach a wider audience, which in turn helps me to be inspired to keep writing.

Thanks again!

Thank you for a record month!

So far this month, I have generated 754 page views.  Not only is that precisely double the previous monthly high, but it’s also over 1/2 of last years’ total page views – generated in the first month of the year.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for following.  Thanks for linking.  Most of all, thank you for getting off your butts, and getting me off my butt, and inspiring me to keep writing.

I hope that you guys have a fantastic February, and those of you that started on your goals in January have kept them up this far.  You are starting to see results now.  Those results will be fantastic.  Enjoy them, and keep it up as they only get better and only serve to make you feel better about yourself.

Thank you again!

Thank you for reading! 3000 page views!


I just wanted to say a really big THANK YOU to all of you who have ready and followed my little corner of the interwebs over the last 3 years.  I never really expected to be read all that much by all that many people, and yet sometime within the past hour or so, the Big Man Big Loser blog crested over the 3000 page view mark.  I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that people are reading and following along, and that people are inspired by what I’ve done, or what I’ve written, or just come here and get a laugh, a smile, and a (very small) bit of knowledge.

It’s only been four months since this blog reached the 2000 page view milestone, and I know many of the somewhat popular blogs out there get that in a day.  I’m happy to have ever reached it at all, so please keep it up, tell your friends, spread the word.  I’d like to reach 5,000 views in much less than 4 months, which itself is a lofty goal.

Thanks again, and I’ll keep writing if you keep checking!

Over the 2000 page view milestone.

Sometime around 10:30 PDT this morning, my blog reached over 2000 page views.  With the post on yoga and massage that I put in earlier today, I also surpassed the 30 post milestone.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the folks that follow and read my little corner of the world, and to say thanks for sticking with me on my journey over the past 2.5 years.  I’ve renewed my committment to posting – you will see new content from me every few days, I’m planning Wednesdays for smaller posts, and Saturdays for longer ones like my post on yoga and massage, or staying fit while you travel.

The next milestones for me are 5000 views and 50 posts.  Which one will I get to first, I wonder?  With your help it will be the page views!