Yesterday I played in the first (non-club) tournament I’ve played in for over 20 years.  And I was terrible – unfocused and lost everything.  I do not have a gifted level of skill.  I should have been more mentally prepared.  Physically I was not tired or flagging, but I wasn’t performing perfectly.

Which is just fine.  From horse husbandry to auto racing to whatever sport you choose: competition improves the breed.  I now know what areas I need to focus on.  It isn’t the fitness, it’s the technical.  I have some tips, and will start to analyse more.

Hopefully, I can do better at the next one!


Second inteview – keeping up your motivation.

As I mentioned last week, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on CBC’s Here and Now on Monday.  It was a fun interview with Karen Gordon (if I recall correctly), a fill-in host, all about how you keep up your motivation.  For a direct link to the audio, click here.

I admit it is tough, at the best of times, to get off the couch and get out and run, or whatever your chosen activity is.  Frankly, the last few weeks have been tough with snow and cold on many of my running days.  It can really be draining.  My strategy has been this: set a goal, constantly monitor your progress, and constantly review your goal to remind yourself of it.

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Another radio interview on keeping resolutions

I found out today that I will again be interviewed by CBC Radio, this time on how to keep motivated during the long, dull winter months.  That’s a fine question that I will be chewing over and trying to answer over the next few days.  Goodness knows that it’s hard to stay motivated, but if you have good solid goals and are committed to achieving them, not much can stop you.

If you want to catch the interview, I’m currently scheduled to be CBC Radio’s afternoon drive show, Here and Now, on Monday February 21, 2011 at 4:50 PM.  I was quite surprised at the number of people who caught the first interview when it aired, but considering I’m going to be on the air on family day, I don’t know what listenership will be like.  I’ll (hopefully, with the help of a friend) be able to post an MP3 of the show shortly after it has aired. 

Tune in if you can!  CBC Radio 1, 99.1 FM in Toronto, at 4:50 on Monday February 21, 2011.

Recovering from minor injuries – sprains and strains.

I will start this post by clarifying that I have no medical training whatsoever.  I’ve learned anything I say here by the DIY School – I have bad ankles.  I will also tell you that if you have injured yourself, go see your doctor.  We all research everything on the Internet, sure, but it would be wise to go see someone who has actual medical training.  Which, once again, I don’t.

I was playing badminton a few months ago when I had a fairly minor collision with my doubles partner – except that he was diving, and pushed me sideways.  I normally wear a brace on my right ankle having ripped the ligaments many years ago, but the left one, my “good one” was planted, and I was forced over on the outside of it.  It was painful, it hurt to walk immediately, and it wasn’t one that I could walk off.  I was going to be out of commission for a while, for sure. Continue reading


This past week I’ve been fighting a bit of a cold, which is very rare for me now.  It hasn’t totally stopped me from doing what I love to do – I was able to play on Tuesday – but between that and the winter storm we got this week, I haven’t run for a week.  I was already feeling worn out on Monday, and it was cold.

What has really helped is trying to get enough rest.  I can’t stress enough that I am so much better rested now that I have made my change, and that I sleep more soundly and wake more refreshed, especially on nights after exercise. Continue reading