How the internet affects your health

A fascinating infographic from 2012 courtesy of, which is of course more concerned with the effects on health care insurance costs in the U.S. (pre-Obama Care) than it is with the actual problems.

All of that aside, it’s something to think about.  I found this when I was searching for information on the effects that internet usage has on sleep.  They draw a weak correlation, but it’s still food for thought.


A two month recap

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything new up here on the blog, since Canadian Thanksgiving in fact – and now American Thanksgiving is there in the rear-view mirror.  Going from a daily occurrence to absolutely nothing should never be allowed, but of course that’s the way of it for most of the pages in the blogosphere.  I didn’t really mean for it to happen, it just did, and it’s mostly because I was a bit busy, and needed a bit of a break.  However, I want to get right back to it, so here is a bit of an update, shamelessly about me.

There have been some interesting things that have happened over the past couple of months, some of which I’m really proud of even if the results were not what I had hoped.

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Its Monday–still a little sleepy?

It’s Monday, and ho-hum back to work.  Lots of people suffer from the weekend hangover from time to time, and in my youth some of those times occurred frequently.  I still occasionally have that back to work lethargy, especially this week.  For the first time in I don’t know how long, fall set in right on the autumnal equinox here in the Pacific North We(s)t, bringing with it rain and cloud and gloom that may set in for the next seven months.  (Looking at the forecast, you can circle Thursday as a good day to venture out of the house without frizzy hair.  I’m just saying.)

So if this sounds like you, read on.  Suffering from those Monday-morning blahs?  Need some rest before a big meeting?  Just want to get in a siesta after the fish tacos from the food truck?  Look no further than this infographic.


This past week I’ve been fighting a bit of a cold, which is very rare for me now.  It hasn’t totally stopped me from doing what I love to do – I was able to play on Tuesday – but between that and the winter storm we got this week, I haven’t run for a week.  I was already feeling worn out on Monday, and it was cold.

What has really helped is trying to get enough rest.  I can’t stress enough that I am so much better rested now that I have made my change, and that I sleep more soundly and wake more refreshed, especially on nights after exercise. Continue reading