Run when you travel

It’s video Wednesday at Big Man – Big Loser, and I’ve recently stumbled upon a number of great and inspiring videos produced by Adidas.  I have to admit that I’m a sucker for the inspiring ones, the ones that make me get out and do stuff, but this one reminds me of one of the things I’ve talked to many people about – how I hate treadmills getting to run outside when I travel.

I travel a lot for work, and also travel for pleasure.  Very often, because I’ve either got to mind my kids or don’t want to run in frigid cold anymore (read: don’t want to pack my winter running gear), I use the hotel treadmills.  They are rarely the ones I like with the features I want, and I tend to slog through my runs.  However, when I can, I like getting out and exploring the great cities I get to visit, on foot, by running.  I was able to do so just recently on a return trip to Toronto, and logged a fantastic run by the shore of Lake Ontario.

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I ran it again… ’cause I was inspired.

I have recently begun following the Fit for a Year blog, and came across their post from last week about running into double digits.  “I’ve recently done that!” I thought to myself.  Lo!  And behold!  He’s talking imperial, not the namby-pamby metric stuff that I am running in.  He’s run 10 miles – “real money”, as my father would say – and I’ve just cracked into 10 kilometers.  I would need to run another 33% further, as I’ve just run 12km and would need to get up around 16 to hit the 10 mile mark.

That being said, I was inspired to repeat my recent Farthest.  Run.  Ever.  You can take a look at the track, I actually believe it’s a little bit longer than the last time, but it is on the exact same route.  A glorious day for a great run.

Staying healthy when you travel.

Running on the beachI have just returned from a vacation with my kids, and have been ruminating about how to keep healthy when you are on vacation, or when you travel frequently as I do for my job. To say it is easy is disingenuous, as you have to be careful and you need to be somewhat vigilant and moderate in most things. However you can maintain a healthy balance when you are on vacation, or when you travel, or even when you just go out for a meal. Here are my tips to maintaining your balance – both in eating and in exercise.  (I apologize in advance if tips seems a little preachy, but it’s just my thoughts and what I do to keep fit and strong.  As with anything, your mileage may vary.)

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Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places.

So I just finished a run through Edmonton’s beautiful river valley.  It’s a sunny day, I still do miss this city, and it was one of those minor life-list things that I can now “tick” – running from the pedestrian bridge East of downtown to the pedestrian bridge just West of the High-Level bridge, over and back.  You can see the route here.  It was truly a beautiful run.

When I got back in the Elevator in my hotel, I was riding up with an older couple.  The two looked happy and healthy, but also didn’t appear to be all that active – and there they were, trapped with sweaty old me.  I was surprised when the fellow leaned over and asked “good run?”.  I got to tell them that it was, and tell them about Edmonton’s great river valley, and how beautiful it is.  (I left out the part about the massive stairway up MacDougall hill – that would kill them).

When they left the elevator, I realized something: I look like a runner.  That made me really happy.  Thank you, kind sir.